Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It’s My Favorite Day of September, Again

Today is the birthday of one of my A-list friends – one of the only still-living people I would ever unflinchingly take a bullet for. This blog site was originally his idea.

The first time I ever stumbled upon him was in a computer cluster in the basement of our college campus’s main library, in the middle of the night. He was sitting a few monitors over, irritating the shit out of me with his loud imitations of the noises his computer was making. That same month, when our paths ended up crossing more frequently, it didn’t take me very long to graduate from glaring to caring.

He’s chock full of all the main qualities anyone would want in a friend: sense of humor; reliability; intelligence; reliability; the willingness and ability to both patiently listen and sensibly advise; reliability; a car. He’s seen and accepted me at my best and at my worst. There’s a lot we don’t agree about – religion, politics, music, how many spaces should appear between word-processed sentences. But I can always count on him to be present and accounted for both when the shit is thrashing against that fan and when it’s not.

He’s about to become a first-time father and I expect my latest surrogate niece or nephew to understand how lucky s/he is. If s/he doesn’t, Auntie Roving Retorter will be getting involved, taking her non-biological brother’s PR campaign up a notch.

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