Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Favorite Favor

Toward the end of a wedding reception in North Carolina this past weekend, the shuttle bus going back to the hotel was ready to leave sooner than I was. I madly grabbed everything around my place at the table - purse, phone, program from the ceremony. About 5 minutes after we hit the road, I realized two things: (1) I forgot to pick up one of the attractively-boxed wedding-favor cupcakes; and (2) my cloth dinner-table napkin was still in my hand.

I’m someone who needs alot of napkins. They’re like band-aids or tubes of Neosporin – I can never have enough. This is the most useful wedding favor I’ve landed to date. I just used it as a bib while eating a bowl of noodles and catching up on the semi-tawdry reality TV programming I missed while I was away.

My apartment’s first piece of fine-dining linen has already classed up the crib. During the unpacking process, I folded it up into a plush bed for the assortment of matchbooks I’ve collected from lounges and restaurants over the years. And now it’s spread across my lap to protect my eyes from all the mosquito-bite marks that still dot my bare knees.


  1. Sorry girlfriend, cupcakes were good! But now every time you look at that napking you'll remember the beautiful day.

  2. You are getting in a lot of travel lately! I think that's great.