Friday, March 30, 2012

Another One for the Recipe Books

I overheard a drugstore-aisle conversation about which exfoliating scrubs are the best to use and how much each option costs. Damn, the things people regularly spend good money on. Exfoliating scrubs are a lot like meals – when they’re whipped up by people who know what they’re doing, the home-cooked ones reign supreme.

I’ve only recently jumped on the exfoliation bandwagon. I used to just moisturize, and thought exfoliating was for the vain, high-maintenance, desperate-to-look-younger spa-hoppers. Now I know better and how important it is to deep-clean your skin to remove its dead cells.

Here’s the formula for my preferred homemade exfoliating scrub. There are so many other homemade versions that incorporate ingredients like lemon juice, honey, oatmeal, etc. But this is the one I stick with because: it requires the least amount of time and effort; it gives me optimal results; and I watch every bit of my capital like a hawk – thus shelling out for extravagances like almond flour, Epsom salts, jojoba oil (or other items I don’t routinely have on hand for other purposes) is not something I’ll be jonesing to do anytime soon.


1 Tbsp granulated sugar

1 Tbsp baking soda

2 Tbsp water


Once a week (and never more than twice a week), mix all 3 ingredients.

Gently massage the mixture into your damp skin (face, neck, chest, hands, elbows, knees, feet, wherever). Make sure to use light pressure, especially on your face. (If you rub the mixture in too aggressively, your skin will be red and irritated for at least the next few days. And, trust me, you don’t want that.)

Leave it all on for a few minutes.

Rinse/shower it off with warm water.

Pat dry.

Moisturize all exfoliated areas.

Bask in the afterglow.


  1. I use a product called St. Ives which I can only get from America or the UK. This sounds like a much cheaper, better option :)

  2. I've never done exfoliating (and precious little moisturizing). However, if I am overcome by a desire to exfoliate one of these days, I will use this recipe. Thank you!

  3. Cool, I shall pass this on to my kids.

  4. Cool I need to try this!

  5. I love exfoliating my skin. About a month ago, I started using a Clarisonic and I love the way my skin feels when I'm done. I never tried these homemade concoctions but I do use coconut oil on my hair as a hot oil treatment.

  6. Do everything you can now at such tender age, because after you get to my stage in the skin challenges a/k/a wrinkles and lines, it is too late to rewind time. :) Hey, Kadzi, where is your like icon? Sometimes I have nothing to say, but want to express my appreciation of your writing.

  7. Thanks for sharing this! I don't like paying for things I can do more cheaply myself. The other day I made eye makeup remover with baby shampoo, baby oil & water. I made two bottles for about 50 cents total. Each bottle would have been more than $5 in the store!