Friday, April 6, 2012


The Roving Retorter site has partnered up with the newly minted blog of GNI International’s Women Entrepreneurs Reinforcement (WeR) initiative – a global program that counsels and supports entrepreneurially-minded (and entrepreneurially-curious) women.

Please click here to check the WeR blog out.


  1. Not exactly a feminist, entrepreneurial comment, but lose the coffee cup in your profile photo. You're so pretty!

  2. This is an absolutely great idea - partnering with WeR. You go, girl! And yes, I agree with Chrissy, time to drop the coffee cup. You're very pretty! Much luv, jk

  3. I concur with Chrissy & jk! Ba-bye coffee cup - love your pic on WeR. Hope your blog continues though. Keep bringing us those taboo topics. XXOOO, L