Friday, May 4, 2012

Absence Makes the Mind Grow Amnesiac

During my lunch break yesterday, I had some business to take care of in Rockefeller Center. My first real job (the gig that’s responsible for bringing me to New York) was Rock Center-based and, aside from the holiday tourist season pedestrian traffic, I have fond memories of everything associated with that entire plaza.

I took a nostalgic lap around its underground mall. Boy does everyone look good down there, in that loose procession of well-mannered professionals.

When I was coming up on a street level-bound escalator, I saw one of my old company’s security guards soberly pacing back and forth, patrolling his heart out. Very lieutenant-esque, with the hat and everything. I called out to him by name, and when he spun around he looked as though if he had a gun he would have shot it. I asked if he remembers me. He doesn’t.

We’ve been separated for 5.5 years, but he and I always got on famously. The only even remotely unpleasant memory I have of him is from when a friend once swung by to pick me up for lunch. She wore a short, low-cut sundress and he treated her standoffishly, with the attitude that she wasn’t professionally presentable enough to proceed through the gates or be in his presence. Now he was giving me the same business. I would have loved to catch up, but I guess there was nothing to talk about.

It’s more typically the random people from my past who I absolutely do not want remembering me who unfailingly (and unquietly) do. 


  1. Completely his loss, my friend!

  2. I saw a guy the other day that I remembered but I couldn't remember his name or where I know him from. So I approached him anyway and said "I remember you from somewhere but I can't recall where"... and he said MBA (when I was studying for my MBA he was in my group) and I said "Oh yes, how are you?"...

    In any case, in most situations like that its easier just to pretend that you didn't see the person. Although, it irks me when people do that to me :P

  3. The worst of all can be running into someone you dated in college. I'll never forget that during a period when I was working in a retail sales situation, a young man I had had one date with (one date!!!) in college, came in. I recognized him and wanted to flee. (No such luck, as I was at work). He recognized me and came right over to make irritatingly personal pleasantries. Then he walked around to all my co-workers (including my boss) talking about how we had "dated" in college. Now, if he had looked like Brad Pitt or Shemar Moore, maybe it would have been okay. But, again, no such luck. He had come in with a long mop of dirty, greasy hair--it had been cleaner in college. My God, the teasing I endured for a solid week! Just when it was dying down, he came in again, this time to introduce me to his wife! Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and suffer through these things.

  4. OH, yes... my favorite is running into people from high school who tortured me mercilessly because I didn't fit in. They unfailingly want to hug and air-kiss and act like nothing of the kind ever happened. Jerks.

  5. The good thing about this is that he gave you something to write about. Always looking at the goodness of any situation. A toast to Mr. Forgetfull Security Guard.