Sunday, May 20, 2012

Parenting the Profiled

Racial profiling (and not just by cops or pseudo-cops) is a living reality for non-whites in this country.  It’s at an alarming rate that blacks and Hispanics (or those who can pass for black or Hispanic) are deemed suspicious and/or followed for all the wrong reasons.  
Do you know of any black or Hispanic American male whose parent/guardian didn’t give him at least one heads-up talk about profiling by the time he rounded out his tween years? I don’t.

One of my friends has a black teenage son, and she wrote an article about what that means to her:


  1. This posting breaks my heart, especially after reading the link written by your friend, who is the mother of a black teenager. I can't imagine the worry, the emotion, that go into her everyday life. And her young have to live a life in fear of racial profiling and something going drastically wrong because of it. I hope so strongly that one day all of this will change, that people will simply relate to one another as human beings.

  2. This is indeed a very sad reality. I know many Asians racially profiled as terrorists... regardless of whether they are Muslim or not.

  3. We just had a case in Central Florida related to this issue. It is so sad to think that Trayvon Martin will not enjoy life as most of us know it, because the color of his skin. I pray that his family has the strength and courage to deal with this devastating situation. I cannot imagine what it must be to face a situation like that one. May the Lord have mercy on us.

  4. Thanks Kadzi :)