Thursday, May 31, 2012

Work Hard, Chill Hard

After 5 straight days that have revolved around not much more than sunscreen, sleeping in, lemonade, nature walks, aloe vera gel, waterfront breezes, and lying on my back, today was the first semi-foray back into productivity mode. By “productivity” I mean shopping for headbands, summer dresses, and better sunscreen.

Is short-term sloth considered a deadly sin? Do I give a shit?

The first real vacation I’ve had in awhile is winding down. There’s a difference between being on a vacation and actually having one. From the headaches that come from traveling to and from a destination to the rushing around and disagreements that can take place during the trip itself, I often need (but don’t get) a few days to recharge after returning from something billed as a vacation. This time, I’m coming back to the heavy stuff with more clarity and some answers. Although many wouldn’t hear of it, chronically industrious and over-scheduled people whose minds are always racing can up their efficacy game by getting in the habit of taking as many extended and utterly unproductive breaks as they can afford to.

I’ve spent too much time directly in the sun. The only part of my body that got burned is the area that was covered with the most sunscreen. That’s the biggest news coming out of this time and space away from how I normally operate, and it’s about as much excitement as I’m willing to put up with for the next 48 hours.


  1. In my world, there is no such thing as too much sloth lol. I have such a difficult time getting back into routine after a weekend, never mind vacation! My problem is that I get too used to a routine so that when it changes, it takes me a while to adapt. Hope you're luckier than I am in that department ;)

  2. Everyone desperately needs vacation time. I'm glad you got some. May you have many more vacations--but always with a paycheck attached.

  3. Great to hear/read this. For people like us, sloth is all about recharging your industriously spent battery. Maybe you should raise the SPF a few notches on that sunscreen, just to be safe. With the little ones in tow, I rock the SPF 70. Yes - extreme, I know! :o)

  4. I learned the hard way to always leave a few days on the tail end of any traveling vacation to recuperate from said vacation before returning to work.

    P.S. What did you end up giving the barista as a thank-you present? Inquiring minds want to know!