Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What’s Most Fitting

After several years of outgrowing nearly everything that hangs in my main closet, the lion’s share of my current wardrobe is now outgrowing me. I’ve gone from wasting precious time wading through the forest of natural and synthetic fibers asking, “Are these pants too tight to wear to work?” to wondering, “Are these jeans too baggy to wear to the Ding Dong Lounge?” It’s a problem I’ve waited for since early 2009. 

I can finally fit back into my best business suit, which isn’t actually mine. It won’t ever feel like mine. The charitable but oppressively high-strung maid of honor in a wedding I once bridesmaided my way through loaned it to me while I was in the thick of interviewing for mid-level day jobs and in dire need of a form-fitting power suit - powerful enough to help take the hiring committees’ minds off of the capricious tenor of my résumé. The maid of honor lived up the avenue from me and owned more chic suits than anyone I knew. We wore the same size and the whole thing had been one of her overzealous ideas. When we last ran into each other, I reminded her that I still have what’s hers. She said to consider it a gift to me from her. Will do. For some reason, I was invited to her own wedding a year after the wedding we served in; for some reason, I went . . . to the wedding, the bridal shower, the engagement party - let’s just say, in the gift-giving department, we’re even. 

There are a number of people from my past who still have things that belong to me. It’d be nice to get them back (the belongings, not the people), but I don’t have the inclination to initiate a conversation with them (the people, not the belongings), much less a custody battle. Even the outspoken types can turn into non-confrontational types when it comes to matters that don’t seem to matter much once all or nothing is said and done. 


  1. For some reason, my favourite DVD's never get returned. And for that reason, I never let people take my DVD's anymore. They can have everything else.

    I'm really good about returning people's things... (most of the time)... I just wish I could be paid back in kind.

  2. Roving Retorter, I just cannot see you shying away from a confrontation. You are one of the boldest people I know. Plus, you are a warrior of the pen, and few can match your skills. I mean, you stand up for the little people, like me. You say what we want to say when we do not have the skills or courage to convey our thoughts, lol.
    On a serious note, I totally “feel ya” on the awkward feelings caused by asking people for stuff back. Instead of just asking for my belongings, I end up putting a lot of energy into trying to understand why they have not returned my stuff. Then, I get emotionally drained and decide to avoid the situation entirely. How’s that for using your energy wisely:)? Ha! -Chess

  3. I identified with your comments about the sizes in your wardrobe. I'm a firm believer in the idea that adults should plan on having three wardrobes--thin, medium, and chubby--and then hang on to everything as their weight fluctuates over the years.