Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful (A Word You Don’t Hear Enough This Time of Year)

During my younger years, there was one Thanksgiving dinner at my house where we went around the dining-room table and each person had to say what s/he was thankful for. Now that I think about it, I was most likely the instigator of the exercise and my inspiration had been a touching scene from a made-for-TV movie. 

The adults’ answers (“good health” and “this family” were tied for #1) seemed vague and dull. Nobody bothered to elaborate much, and that was what I found disappointing. I’m a stickler for specificity and a sucker for statements peppered with colorful details.

I’ve been incredibly anxious these past few days, dealing with and dwelling on all I need want to get done before this week’s holiday. But what’s calming me down, more effectively than the Tension Tamer tea which has actually played a part in riling me up (don’t have enough time or stamina to get into that one right now), is the memory of those self-assured faces around that long-gone Thanksgiving table, when no one felt a pressing need to focus their core concerns on anything (careers, errands, bills, transportation-related inconveniences, grievances with acquaintances) beyond “health and family.”  

I’m in reasonably good health; although I wish more members of the clan were still living, I have my family; I have a set of other loved ones who have become an extension of my family; all of these people are currently in reasonably good health. Nothing else needs to be said, other than that the type of stress I’m presently feeling is a sign of great fortune.


  1. Well, they say that it's the human condition to always succumb to stressors, even when there aren't none. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. When one has said family and health there uis little more to say wherever one is in the world and whatever conditions one is living in.
    Neverthelers, like you, Í like more specific ideas and and shall be posting about these things in a day or two.

  3. Well, Miss Kadzi, here's to a very Happy Thankful Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  4. After reading your posting yesterday, I've been thinking, What am I thankful for, specifically? I'm thankful I came to New York 45 years ago (during the "Summer of Love, as it was called, complete with lots of hippies, Hare Krishna people in saffron robes, and anti-war protesters). It is here that my life "began." I'm grateful that I walked into a kite store and met my future husband during my first week here. I'm grateful that during a recession in 1969 (after I had just lost my job at an insurance company), I walked into a photography gallery and got a job in the art world. I'm grateful that my daughter appeared on this earth, unexpectedly, when I was forty years of age. I'm grateful she was (and is) healthy and very bright and capable. These are the wonderful things in my life. I should give thanks for them every single day, not just on Thanksgiving. May all who read the Roving Retorter's blog have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Day 2012.