Monday, February 25, 2013

Camp Cause and Effect

During the second-to-last episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Adrienne anonymously referenced a member of her “camp.” Now I can’t stop alluding to or thinking of my family, friends, and verifiable allies as a camp of my own.

A handful of campers and I have been recreationally discussing the concept of karma - how it rears its head, substantively and procedurally. Like most Libras, I stand for balance and justice, and am not ashamed of my reputation for flaring up at the sight, sound, or scent of patent unfairness. So my confidence in karma, even without knowing when it will strike, consoles me.

Inexplicably bad things happen to good people all the time. I used to believe that bad things only happened to the innocent and misfortune never met up with the mean-spirited or exceptionally thoughtless ones – until I repeatedly witnessed how the process of evening out plays out over time. Karmic justice is a work of fine art.

Via our actions and inactions (big or small, deliberate or ignorant), we steer a lot of our personal destiny. Some of the good things I’ve done have come back to bless me and some of my not-ideal behavior has come back to bite me. When someone who has a notorious history of unreliability complains, shell-shocked, about a frustratingly undependable new addition to her camp, I’ll listen and won’t say much but that doesn’t mean I don’t realize what’s going on. And when I find out that somebody has underhandedly screwed over a person who didn’t deserve it, I can only be tranquilized by playing Kanye’s “Let’s have a toast for the douchebags” song a few times and reminding myself that the larger story is still unfolding.  


  1. I love this posting. I'm not sure I've thought much about karma per se, but I have long been a believer in the ripple effect. I envision a pool. I dive into the pool, and the ripples go outward to touch the other swimmers. And then their ripples go outward to touch still other swimmers. Our personal ripples are always going out to touch other people's lives, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad, and often with totally unintended consequences. And sometimes those consequences come back to swamp the original creator of the ripples. Perhaps I visualize things this way because I am a Pisces.

  2. Some among the Chinese believe that Karma works in this way: If you are a good person, and you do something bad, Karma will come quick and swift so that you pay for that sin in this world, quickly (almost like a light sentence) so that the person resumes his life punished but relatively unscathed. But for the truly wicked, Karma takes its time and builds a momentum which, after it strikes, leaves nothing but destruction in it's wake.

  3. Love this post and totally agree with you. It comes at the perfect time, too, as I've been thinking a lot about injustice and sad shit. (Um, yay? Hahah.) Love Azra's comment, too. Makes sense that that's how it'd be, even though we want the truly wicked to get their comeuppance, like, immediately.