Monday, February 11, 2013

When to Put a Ring in It

The day I finally become self-employed, my first order of business will be to take a trolley to the jeweler’s store and get a nose ring. I spent most of yesterday in the neighborhood where I tentatively plan to have the procedure done.

This is something I should have gotten out of my system during my late teens/early twenties/first major drifting period, but I had too many preppy, conventional influences buzzing in my ear at each of those stages. After a member of my circle spontaneously got an eyebrow ring when we were in college, she called her dad to give him a partial update. He flipped out.
The Proud and the Pierced: “It’s not like I have any interviews coming up.”
Her dad: “Every day you go to class, it’s an interview!!”
My own parents’ reaction would have been scarier. It’s unsettling to think about, even in hypothetical retrospect.
I have a lot riding on the next 7 to 12 months, and there’s already enough that screams “non-conformist/potential troublemaker” within 10 minutes of an in-person conversation with me. A face piercing would take the ticket overboard.
A prep I hadn’t seen since college sported a stunning, glinting stud in her nose at a party a few years ago – that wasn’t there when we still fell into the traditional coming-of-age bracket. And she works in an industry that’s more conservative than mine. 


  1. Okay, Roving Retorter. Here is the post that reveals the depth and intensity of my 68-year-old parental-ness. You will probably never speak to me again, but here is what I have to say:

    Don't do this! Don't do this! For God's sake, don't do this!

    When my own twenty-eight-year-old daughter talked about doing an eyebrow piercing I said:

    If you have to do this, if you just HAVE to do this, please, do me a favor. Wait until I'm DEAD, so I don't have to see it.

    I think that's pretty much the universal view of your father's and my generation. I think the twenties and thirties generation must have a masochistic streak--sticking with needles, cuttings, painful tattoos, etc. Ugh. If your parents had done this to you, Social Services would have removed you from their home for child abuse. I'm afraid I'm pretty close-minded on this subject. My daughter did a cartilage piercing of the ear, which is usually covered by her hair. That I can live with...just barely.

  2. I think that nose rings are more common these days than ever and many people wouldn't bat an eye at one. This is also coming from someone who spent her teens/early twenties with a tongue ring and a belly ring (tacky huh?). But nose rings I feel are a bit more "ok".

    Post a pic if you get one.

    Stopping by from SITS

  3. Life is short, play is your nose, so use it as you see it fit. Life should be lived with no regrets. It seems you have been giving this a lot of go ahead and make your day!

  4. Amongst the Indians/Asians nose-rings are an accepted custom and part of the culture. If it doesn't hurt anyone else (and yourself), go ahead :)

  5. I think nose rings are very cute! Go for it!