Monday, April 1, 2013

Such a Smoky Spring Cleansing

Oprah Winfrey wins the award for “The Only Live Graduation Speaker I’ve Heard Who Was Worth Fighting Traffic For on a Weekend Morning,” and I expected nothing less from her. It’s the completely self-made ones who pass on the most stimulating perspectives. (Although I find it hard to believe that anyone has completely “made it” alone, without a support network - possibly a support service of one – that somehow helped during the trek up.)

As Oprah intoned, and I’m now paraphrasing, we ought to hold ourselves accountable for the type of energy we bring to a table. I’ve started to view people, environments, and situations in terms of the energy they give off. A person’s energy is more adjustable and more contagious than his or her personality.

A little bundle of sage (an herbal energy cleanser) has come into my world and I finally burned a stick of it in my current home, a place where I haven’t experienced much outright negativity (other than a few buzzkill guests), but who knows what’s dormant? I occasionally get the junk mail of two previous tenants. One has an interest in literary events; the other either suffers from Crohn’s Disease or strongly empathizes with those who do. Both seem harmless, and I know famous last words when I write them.

I would love some liquified sage that I could carry around in a reusable spray-pump bottle and release into the atmosphere whenever someone has tainted a decent vibe. Liquid sage, which bottlers should market as a kinder and gentler alternative to Mace, is out there somewhere and that’s what any Bunnies of Easter Yet to Come should plan on leaving in my basket.


  1. I recommend lavender, but I have to admit that it is known for its soothing qualities, rather than its energy cleansing qualities. What an interesting posting. You have given me something new to think about, as I had not previously thought of people and spaces in terms of the energy they give off.

  2. We burn Frankincense and Myrrh every now and then - it also cleans the air of negativity.

  3. Hey, I think you should take that business idea to the Shark Tank. Is that still on?

    I'm a big believer in energy as well. I cleanse my house once a year. I'm tempted to take my sage to work but with my luck, the sprinkler system would go off.