Monday, May 20, 2013

I Can See Clearer Now

Someone threw a Chobani out the window, like a water balloon. A flavored one, possibly Black Cherry. If I had crossed that section of the sidewalk five seconds later, it could have hit me. If I had looked up eight seconds earlier I would have held out both hands and caught it, carried it home, and eaten it for dessert. In the past eighteen months, I’ve made many dietary adjustments and Greek yogurt has become a special staple.

In the past eighteen months, my vision has gradually, somewhat astoundingly, improved. When my mom used to lecture me about how sticking to a predominantly natural-foods routine can transform the body, mind, and mood, I rolled my (frailer?) eyes.

I still went in for an eye exam the other afternoon because my insurance covered it, I had nothing better to do, and I have a weakness for the letter-reading drill, which I presumably aced this time around. If there’s enough caffeine in me, I could sit upright in that chair, guessing/shouting out the tiniest rows of letters for up to an hour.  P K L Y R G : I can read all of this. Can you?

On the mind-transformation front, my skull isn’t doing any shrinking. The new guy behind the optometry-office counter said the prescription reading glasses I’ve had for more than two years, but haven’t needed to wear in almost one year, are freakishly small for my head. “Child-size,” he murmured. I never noticed and nobody else has pointed anything out. He said another pair of frames I tried on made me look like I belonged on Star Trek. The next time I go important-clothes shopping, who better to tag along? 


  1. I've begun eating for nutrition in my 30's and I must say that it makes the world of difference. When I was younger I could get away with eating just about anything. It didn't matter as much.

    I also heard a story about a woman who lost her reading glasses on holiday and when she returned two weeks later, she found that her eyes had cured themselves. Basically, wearing the spectacles constantly prevented her from healing! Thus, the body heals itself.

  2. What is the magic of this Greek yogurt all of a sudden? Does it have some sort of special powers bestowed on it by John Stamos?

    Agreed. Take the guy shopping with you.

  3. I cannot get over the vision improvement. Wow, I need to get tips from you, as I have terrible vision (although it's okay enough with eyeglasses). My mind-body-mood connection is messed up at present, so I am feeling very receptive to your suggestions. (Greek yogurt? Sounds tasty.)