Monday, September 8, 2014

Ten (G-Rated) Things I Once Swore I’d Never Do, But Have Since Done

*Join Facebook

*Count carbs

*Come down with seasonal allergies

*Forgive a non-blood relative who has wronged me

*Go back to wearing heels

*Go back to Whole Foods

*Go back to making the sign of the cross and praying

*A crossword puzzle (or part of one)

*Fall in love with an Apple product

*Become a blogger 


  1. What! You couldn't resist THIS? Oh say it ain't so.

    Apple? Really?

    Heels.... I like those. But I'm a guy, so I'm superficial.

  2. ....I, too, have done a number of these things and never thought I would.

  3. I am shocked, do you hear me, SHOCKED, to learn that you have done a few things you swore you would never do again :) Well, I guess that just makes you human along with the rest of us. I vaguely recall renouncing a few things along the way, like chocolate, coffee, alcohol, and California dip with Ruffle chips. I went back to every one. (You will note that they all fall into the gastronomic category.) I will say for myself that I have stuck with one "give up" for many decades: smoking. It, too, involves the pleasures associated with the mouth and palate, but in the interest of preserving my own life, I have managed to give it up completely. There is a non-gastronomic thing I thought I had given up forever: taxis. When I first came to New York over 40 years ago, the average taxi ride was about $2.50 with a 50 cent tip. I took a LOT of taxis. As the price rose, so did my resolve to give them up. But, sadly, occasionally I have to grit my teeth and do the deed : "Taxi, here, Taxi! Please Taxi!" (accompanied by a little dance in the street).

  4. LOL! I love this... I suppose as we evolve, our needs, priorities and preferences do too ;)