Monday, November 17, 2014

Now I’ve Written About It

Oh, how some people dress for the airports. On weekends. On overnight flights. Some aren’t doing more than dropping others off, dressed to kill, dressed to be seen, dressed for world domination. They’re the same ones who mousse up their hair or squeeze into heels for a 5-block strut to the post office, I just know.

(I would dominate the world in a long black or navy cardigan, pink tank shirt, sterling silver jewelry, dark jeans, and pink flats. Pink is more of a power color than red, even looking and sounding more arresting, so similar to “punk.”)

From my experiences, and experiences retold to me, the higher the net worth you project, the more of a target you can become. A bulls-eye for everything. As an adult, I’ve lived in many apartments - the swankiest address I’ve had was the only one to have suffered a break-in attempt (or what I still describe as a break-in attempt, even though the ground-floor window the predator opened from the outside was protected by bars). 

The first time I ever tried boarding a plane in respectable-looking shoes, a customs person (interrogating passengers “at random”) pulled me aside to ask whether I traveled for business or pleasure, and how much cash I had on me. He said I seemed like someone with a lot of money and he needed to make sure I wasn’t bringing more than $10,000 onto the island. (Is this what Zsa Zsa Gabor has to deal with? I bet she dresses up to hit the skies.) When, because he asked, I told him I write, the questions didn’t stop - he asked if I would ever write about our conversation. “Maybe,” I said, and he flipped around the ID badge hanging from his neck so I could no longer see his name and picture. 

I haven’t worn my best shoes to an airport since. 


  1. How true, how true. If you dress in your diamonds and furs on the street, you really are more of a target. I often think of that when I see young women wearing huge diamond engagement rings on the street or in the subway. My brother, a wedding photographer in Maryland, once told me a story about one of his clients, a young bride who moved to New York with her husband. And, yes, she routinely wore a huge diamond engagement ring with her (also) diamond-encrusted wedding ring. One morning, not long after they had moved to New York, a man stopped her at the head of the stairs of her local subway stop. He had a gun and he demanded--and obtained--her rings. He had been watching her movements for days and knew exactly when to strike. He was known to the police, and they thought they could get the rings back, but that bit of luck never transpired. That diamond engagement ring cost $16,000. I think the bride's next purchase was probably a simple gold wedding band. Much less dangerous.

  2. Haha! I would dominate the world in my PJ's. Interestingly enough though, I find that when I'm dressed up, people treat me much better than they do when I'm just my plain old self. People can be so fickle.