Monday, December 1, 2014

6 Reminders I Got While Volunteering (as a Tribute) at a “Small Business Saturday” Event

*The most down-to-earth New Yorkers live in Queens. Salt of the city.

*I’m cut out for standing in the cold, glovelessly handing out free stuff to people who weren’t expecting it. Makes me feel like Oprah. I could do it twice a week, if provoked.

*It takes more grit to maintain a small business than it takes to start one. Anybody can start somethin’. Not everyone can keep it going.

*Kids, including the shy ones, love getting a balloon. The way their faces light up when you ask if they’d like one is a thing of beauty. Surprise any young kid in your life with one balloon a few times a year.

*By kids, I mean developmentally, emotionally - not just people who are kids due to their chronological ages. Some of the biggest kids in the game are well into their 30s and 40s. They need balloons too. If they catch you holding a batch, they’ll straight up approach you to ask for one (of a certain color) for themselves. Why not surprise them with a balloon a few times a year as well?

*I’m very proud of what my friends do for a living and for their communities.


  1. I love your line about the grit that it takes to keep something going. How true, how true. But I do think it also takes a lot of moxie (Is that word in use any longer? Means "nerve" or force of character.) to begin something. Years ago my husband started two small businesses, one an import business with India, the other a specialty bookstore. They were tough to maintain, really tough. He stuck with the first one, then the next, for many years. I wish I could say he got rich as he displayed his grit, but, alas, in the end the bills defeated him. However, he had a lot of fun and met a lot of wonderful people. You could say that there is nothing more fun than using the platform of a small business to meet interesting people in the fascinating city of New York.

  2. So true. Anyone can start anything, and then what?