Saturday, January 24, 2015

Take Your Hat Off

Who remembers this scene from The Sopranos?

People keep doing this to me (currently re: my nice warm, pink, winter hat) and it’s infuriating. A swanky restaurant? I'll automatically take it off in there. But when I’m sitting down at the DMV? I’m cold. And haven’t combed my hair. Someone seated a couple of tables over asked me to take it off at a deli earlier today. She suggested it nicely, so I did as she asked. “I like your earrings,” she followed up, and we became fast friends, discussing our birthdays/zodiac signs, boy troubles, the endless struggle of deciding whether our favorite color is purple or pink. She offered me some of her chips and told me I’m funny. We made tentative plans to get together again sometime soon, but since she’s 6 years old, we had to run them by her mean grandmother first.

“Aren’t you hot? Aren’t you cold? Shouldn’t you be wearing more? Shouldn’t you be wearing less? Why are you wearing long sleeves? Why are you going sleeveless? You dress too warmly. You don’t dress warmly enough.”

When it comes to hats, coats, sweaters - taking them off, leaving them on - consider leaving women alone. I’ve never heard anyone approach and ask the men wearing 3-piece suits in 95-degree heat whether they’re too hot; or interrogate the ones parading down the sidewalks in shorts in 40-degree weather about being too cold. If you’re “getting hot [or cold] just looking at” me, please turn the other way.

The Sopranos clip has nothing to do with temperature or sexism. But I love it too much to leave it out, and wish YouTube/Blogger had allowed me to upload the extended version. 


  1. Funny Kadz!! Baby, it's cold outside!

  2. If you have a baby, the advice, instructions, and direct orders will amaze you. "The baby is overdressed for this hot day. You should take her sweater off." "The baby looks cold. You should get warmer blankets." "I can't believe you brought the baby out in this weather!" "The baby's hands look cold. Put gloves on his hands."

    Matters of dress in relation to the weather are annoying enough, but when the baby becomes a toddler, the gratuitous remarks of strangers have a way of centering on diapers. "How old is the child? Isn't she toilet trained yet?" Strangers love to chide you for keeping diapers on a child past the age of two or two-and-a-half, in spite of the fact that pediatricians agree that a child isn't much capable of toilet training before the age of three or so.

  3. LOL @ the six year old. I'm guessing the hat is a necessity during these particularly cold days.

  4. What's wrong with a nice warm, pink, winter hat?